Cell Phone Signal Booster

This is 2010. and by now people dont want to lose any chance of being not in contact with there loved ones. Thus the mobile phones and wireless devices have become a popular means to do so. Even if they are suffering from cancer , still they want there dear phone to be with them. But due to this they bring harmful radiations of these devices with themselves, which are generally absorbed by the brain. THus it increases the stress rate and the permeability of the blood brain barrier becomes high. Also the studies show that the risk of having cancer increases when we use cell phones more oftenly. the risk is directly proportional to the talk. Also the phone keeps on looking for the higher signal strenght and is not able to find a better coverage area. That is why cell phone signal boosters are here for.
These are the powerfull but small devices which increases the signal strength and solves the poor reception problem thereby decreasing the risk of cancer and dropped call rates. The cellular boosters consists of an antenna and a n amplifier. Since the amplifiers are small in size they can be fitted in the mobile phones thus making them very easy to  carry and handy in use.
Do make your home a smart home with cell phone signal booster.

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