Cell phone signal booster helps us to get better reception of signals after installing these devices than we have without installing the antenna. There are many people who agree with the claims that the makers of these cell phone repeater make and there are people who don’t agree with the claims. People ask questions and one of those questions was that if the problem of low signal strength can be solved with installing the sticker with a printed circuit on it then why the cell phone manufacturers are not fixing these stickers on cell phones. Suppose you are in the middle of the conversation and about to close the deal and suddenly you lose signals and the deal is broken due to the loosen signals in that conversation and this problem can be solved with installing the cell phone signal amplifier. There are many instances when you lose conversations due to poor signals strength and you always need that special signal strength in order to make that “special call”. Cell phone boosters also have their own benefits such as they help to save us from the diseases like brain cancer. They boost the signal strength of the phone up to five times the original strength.