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Cantanna is a real device, not just a play of words!

September 16, 2016

Cantenna devices function by focusing and strengthening the radio wave receiving area of communication devices such as wireless phones, internet, television and radios as opposed to conventional antennas which receive signals over a broader area with minimal strength. When a radio wave enters the opening of the can it bounces off the can walls until it reaches the receiving wire within the can. This receiving wire sends the information to the communication device with minimal static or interference.

The area in which the Cantenna can receive the optimum signal is also adjustable, allowing the Cantenna to be used in a variety of locations and environments. A Cantenna consists of a hollow tube (usually a 40oz can) and a coaxial cable. This cantenna acts as a microwave waveguide by capturing, confining and propagating the radio frequency signal within its metallic walls. The radio frequency is introduced into the can by a protruding conductor of a coaxial cable. The probe can transmit and receive signals from the waveguide. The frequency that a Cantenna can propagate is a function of the diameter of the tube. Cantenna operate as high pass filters since they can only propagate signal above a certain cut-off frequency. In the case our project, we will be using the common wireless networking (WLAN) standard, IEEE 802.11n-2009 which is transmitted at a frequency of 2.4GHz.

The WI-FI Antenna booster gives increased signal strength at locations where the signal strength goes low as the distance increases. It also provides us with a cost-effective product as compared to the boosters available at the market. So this approach is more suitable for the small-scale use.

Wireless networks are clear benefits (mobility, flexibility, ease of installation, low maintenance cost, and scalability) but also has some disadvantages (use demanding equipments for operating parameters such as humidity, temperature etc). Smart Antennas can be used to achieve different benefits.  The most important is higher network capacity. It provides better range or coverage by focusing the energy sent out into the cell, multi-path rejection by minimizing fading and other undesirable effects of multi-path propagation. Smart antennas are a solution to capacity and interference Problems. Good quality and powerful Wi-Fi signal amplifiers can increase the signal strength threefold. Bidirectional Wi-Fi signal boosters increase the strength of transmitted, as well as received signals. That is, they work both ways. They boost signal strength by as much as 600%. Thus the Wi-Fi booster antenna is used in improving the signal strength by considering the above mentioned points. It is basically effective in locations where there is coverage problem in case of mobile or when the signal strength becomes less as the distance increases. Further concluding that, on testing the antenna the signal strength reduces with the increase in the distance between the antenna and the Wi-Fi access point.


• Hot spots similar to those serviced by today’s Wi-Fi systems (airports, hotel lobbies, etc.)

• Academic campuses, in various self-contained areas (quads, auditoriums, cafeterias, etc.)

• Stadiums and arenas, again, which offer self-contained environments.

• Malls and shopping areas, favoured by large numbers of younger, Internet-savvy users.

• Mass transportation (trains, etc.) with users looking for interaction and entertainment.

• Enclosed parks and recreation areas.

• Residential homes, supplanting DSL/Cable services


Fusion-5 amplifier with all the bells and whistles

August 16, 2016

The SureCall Fusion-5 (CM-Fusion-5) is the first five-band signal booster that was designed as a cost-effective all-in-one cellular solution for mid-sized to small businesses. It combines PCS and Cellular dual-bands with LTE and AWS frequencies for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile as a total cellular amplification solution.

For maximum flexibility, this full-featured signal booster/amplifier includes adjustable gain control and automatic shutdown. Extremely competitively priced, it requires ...

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DAS is by far the cheapest and fasted deployable solution for buildings less then 500,000 sq ft area

August 12, 2016

Distributed Antenna System is a great way to ensure that your building has wireless coverage at all times. If you are considering a Distributed Antenna System for your building, you should know that there are two types: active and passive. You may want to know the difference between these two systems before deciding on which one to install.

Large-scale distributed-antenna system (L-DAS) with very large number of distributed antennas, possibly up to a few hundred antennas, is considered. A fe...

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One of the Powerful Signal Boosters in the Market today!!

July 22, 2016

One of the Powerful Signal Boosters in the Market today!!

<a href=https://cellphoneboosterstore.com/tech-news-and-blog/db-pro-dual-band-with-dome-antenna/>The Wilson 461104 AG Pro 4G (previously called the AG Pro Quint) is one of the first true 5-band signal boosters <a/>available on the market, which means that it's able to boost the frequency ranges for the 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks for all of the major carriers in the United States. It is also one of the most powerful signal boosters avail...

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School and public buildings have the worst record for letting you talk on the phone in emergency

April 13, 2016
A head unit with cellular capability can be notified when your telephone lines are not working. Your building is yours, so account when selecting and decoration is completely up to reigns of one's imagination.

The Center for Education Reform estimates that Colorado charter schools receive the equivalent of 70% of the money that district schools do. This is because charter schools do not usually participate in public bond money, do not get a per pupil share of federal monies, and do not receive...
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Finding Most Desirable Tv Antenna For Digital/Hdtv Reception

March 18, 2016

An antenna is a significant part of any two way radio programmer. Individuals who choose decide on a physical one wish to keep updating it. It is a phone people, essential to achieve pair of jeans. Possible--but I wouldn't count on it. The ONLY legit "no-cost" method that can sometimes work is to type the number into one of the BIG 3 (Google, Yahoo or MSN) and see if it returns any data.

No. The family budget will be safe. The huge demand for digital TV has pushed down prices for consumers. A ...
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Nokia N97 Mini - Small Device With Big Features

March 2, 2016
You can shop these Cases & Covers from Daily objects as well where you will get variety of Cases. Now, users can save involving data and files in widget. Optimizing mobile website has immense factors. HTC is the one of the most respected company when it comes to touch screen smart phones. All the products of this firm are very user friendly and have great looks. The one device that stand out among these is the HTC Wildfire. This phone is a budget friendly Android phone from HTC.This is very c...
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Satellite Tv For Pc - Great To Be True To Be True?

February 18, 2016
That's a big worry off your mind. A person really are say and what you do at home will be revealed normally. The satellite antenna channels include Outdoor Channel, Baby First TV and Sportsman Channel. Two types of mako sharks are known: the common short-fin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) and the rarer long-fin mako (Isurus paucus). Both are the classic cartoon sharks: large, fast, and sleek with big toothy jaws that always show some teeth. Because makos are pelagic (ocean-dwelling) sharks, not muc...
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Travelling with Connectivity with Cell Phone Booster

February 16, 2013
Booster is the first and the last thing you must try if you are fed up of dropped calls. Mobile booster is the perfect thing that can fulfill people’s need. Before going for a booster, you need to take some precautions. You must be sure what your requirements are, else you will buy a booster out of your needs.

This device attained appreciation from everywhere very soon after its launch. You might check the reviews left by people on websites. All the comments are true and positive. This de...

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Cell Phone Signal Amplifier

August 10, 2009

Every cell phone user in this word is facing same problem and this problem has also been declared as global problem. More than 35 % of the total cell phone users are facing this problem, and if you are one of them you are also advised to use cell phone signal booster. People who travel a lot face this problem mostly and a solution of this problem has also been found and this is known as cell phone signal booster.

Cell Phone Repeater are used to boost signals and to improve signal rece...

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